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The MNU-WashU Cooperative Program gives MNU students an accelerated pathway to obtain dual bachelor’s degrees from MNU and from Washington University. Students choose to spend 3 years at MNU and then transfer to Washington University for 2 years to earn a bachelor’s degree or for 3 years to get a bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering. While studying at MNU, students also have time to pursue athletics, music, and other extracurricular activities. At Washington University, students have access to a top-ranked engineering school with a wide variety of engineering specializations.

The MNU & K-State Cooperative Program gives MNU students the opportunity to earn up to 9 credit hours toward their bachelor’s degree by taking advanced science courses at K-State Olathe. These courses also count as graduate credit toward an M.S. in Veterinary Biomedical Science or a Professional Science Master’s degree in Applied Biosciences. This allows MNU students the opportunity to access courses not offered at MNU with the potential for an accelerated pathway to a master’s degree.
Kansas City University & MNU COOPERATIVE PROGRAM
The MNU-KCU cooperative program gives MNU students an accelerated pathway to becoming a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) while earning an undergraduate degree from MNU. Students spend 3 years at MNU completing all the general education courses as well as prerequisite science courses and then transfer to KCU for 4 years to complete the requirements to become a D.O.
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Actuarial Sciences
Mark Brown, PhD

Athletic Training, PT, OT & Chiropractic Science
Chris Crawford

Jordan Mantha, PhD

Health Sciences
Rion Taylor, PhD

Mental Health
Michael Vogel

Law & Public Safety
Todd Hiestand, JD

Jill Speicher


Advantages of the MNU/KCU-COM partnership program:

  • Students spend 3 years at MNU and 4 years at KCU
  • Requirement for Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is waived
  • Students graduate with a degree from both institutions (B.S. from MNU and D.O. from KCU)
  • The program is available at both Kansas City and Joplin campuses

To qualify for entry into the program at MNU students must:

  • Enter the program at MNU at the beginning of the freshman year through the application process
  • Have a minimum ACT score of 28
  • Participate in community service
  • Have a dedication to the field of osteopathic medicine
  • Meet regularly with the MNU pre-professional committee

To qualify for program completion at KCU students must:

  • Complete all General Education requirements at MNU
  • Complete a minimum of 99 hours of course work at MNU
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.25
  • Maintain a science coursework GPA of 3.5
  • Participate in KCU-Com’s weeklong Summer Learning Enhancement Program
  • Complete the following course with a grade of “C” or higher at MNU:
    • Biological Sciences 12 hours
    • Chemistry 13 hours
    • Biochemistry 3 hours
    • Physics 8 hours
    • English Composition 6 hours

Other restrictions and qualifications may apply. To find out more information contact Rion Taylor.

Health Sciences
Rion Taylor, PhD