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Physical Education
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PHYSICAL EDUCATION prepares you to teach diverse students a love for exercise and wellness, and equip them with tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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“There’s something different about MNU teachers,” is something we hear a lot about our graduates. We think it’s equal parts preparation and quality students! Our education programs prepare you to teach and motivate students with innovative techniques and the latest technology.

You’ll love opportunities like international student teaching, networking through Educators Rising, and dynamic field experiences prior to student teaching. Our curriculum focuses on:

  • teaching models and strategies for physical education
  • preventing and caring for physical injuries
  • planning and implementing a physical education program and lifestyle choices for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health


We offer valuable networking opportunities through our Math Club, Pi Lambda Theta—our Education Honors Society.

  • We are accredited by CAEP
  • There is a separate application and admission process
  • Recent graduates scored a 88% pass rate for their content areas of the PRAXIS exam
  • Our program prepares you to be leaders in your school, communicating the connection between academic excellence and movement during the school day.
  • Our courses include bridge courses, allowing students to begin graduate level work in special education, technology, and English language learning (ELL)


As a graduate, you will complete all Kansas requirements for teacher certification. Our faculty will also help you find out how to become certified in other states, and many are similar to Kansas requirements.

Physical Education majors will be provided a new iPad to increase their learning experience.

Potential Careers
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Athletic Director
  • Recreational Manager
  • Fitness Consultant
  • Sports Coach
Physical Education
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Physical Education Teacher
Athletic Director
Sports Coach
Fitness Consultant

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Wired Wednesday

Developed specifically for Traditional Undergraduate Students, MNU launched a new schedule in 2020. Semester-long courses are now held on Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday for 75 minutes each.

Business Administration continues to be a highly sought out degree by students and employers alike. It provides an excellent and thorough foundation in skills necessary for success in today’s business world. These degrees will also prepare students for graduate study in management, law or other business specialties.
Yorton Clark
Dean, School of Professional and Graduate Studies Chair, Professional and Graduate Studies in Business Professor
The Physical Education program provides a very strong education background to work with the whole person. No other program addresses the physical, emotional, and social aspects of growing up.
Associate Professor of Health & Exercise Science

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As an MNU student, you’ll encounter not only academic growth and career preparation but you’ll also transform through spiritual growth and time spent in service and mission. We think that’s a
recipe for success in today’s global world.

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