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Concurrent Credit

As a high school student, you can get a head start on college classes through MNU’s Concurrent Credit Program. Research shows that high school students who are challenged with college-level expectations are better prepared to succeed when they subsequently undertake studies on a college campus. MidAmerica Nazarene University (MNU) is proud to work in partnership with local high schools to provide college-level opportunities for qualified students through our Concurrent Credit Program. Concurrent credit courses are taken at the student’s high school, in person or online.

Area high school students can enroll in many of the General Education courses offered right at your own school. When you participate in the Concurrent Credit Program you will earn high school credit and college credit—the grade you earn in the concurrent credit course appears on both your high school and college transcript.

Concurrent credit enrollment information will be provided by your high school. First you enroll in your high school's concurrent credit course then complete an online concurrent credit enrollment form. The course is taught at your high school by your high school teacher and an MNU faculty member observes the high school teacher and approves the coursework. Our high school partners include:

  • Heritage Christian Academy
  • Northland Christian Schools
  • Bonner Springs High School
  • Maranatha Christian Academy
  • Christ Preparatory Academy
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