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Freshmen who are enrolling at MNU for the first time should complete the secure form below. Your responses will be used to inform our academic advisors about your previous college work, advanced placement credit and dual enrollment status.

Personal Information
If you are unsure of your intended major, please indicate area(s) of study that you are interested in exploring at MNU this year.
High School Background
Ex.: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics
Ex.: Algebra I, Geometry, Pre-Calculus
Ex.: English Literature, Speech, Writing
Language Courses
Ex.: French, Spanish, German, etc.
Social Sciences
Ex.: Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology
Performing Arts
Ex.: Choir, Music, Theatre, Ensembles
Previous Credit
Did you earn college credit/dual credit that you plan to apply at MNU? If yes, please specify.
AP Tests
Did you or will you soon take any Advanced Placement (AP) tests in high school? If yes, please specify.
AP Tests Taken
Please indicate AP tests on which you may have scored 3 or higher.
College Interests
Fall Coursework Hours
How many hours of coursework would you prefer to take during your fall semester?
Preferred Class Hours
If a class is offered at multiple times, what time of day would you prefer to have the class?
Will you live in campus housing?
Do you plan to be employed off campus?
Do you plan to be a member of an intercollegiate athletics team?
Please specify which sports you would like to participate in.
Music Lessons
Do you plan to take private music lessons during the upcoming semester?
Please specify voice, piano, or other musical instrument(s).
If you need special accommodations of any kind to assist in your academic success, please describe these accommodations.
Please provide any additional information that might be important in planning your class schedule.
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