Housing Registration

Housing Registration Form

MidAmerica Nazarene University is, by definition and mission, a residential university. In support of this aspect of its character, the Board of Trustees has established a policy requiring most students to live on campus. The policy states that all unmarried students under the age of twenty-two (22) must live on campus if they take more than eleven (11) credit hours per semester. Exceptions to this residence policy are administered by the Housing Committee.


  1. Married or previously married student(s) (verification may be requested).
  2. Student with dependent(s) who is serving as custodial parent.
  3. Student 22 years of age prior to beginning of semester and in good academic standing.
  4. Student living with parent or person who has served as legal guardian in lieu of parents, in permanent place of residence. Address must be within 45 miles of the University. Verification form must be completed.
  5. Former student who has not been enrolled at MNU for two or more consecutive semesters and has established housing.
  6. Person who has never enrolled at MNU and maintains permanent residence in Kansas City area, independent from parents or legal guardian(s) for a minimum of one year.
  7. Part-time student enrolled in no more than 11 hours.

All new MNU students, whether living on-campus or commuting, must complete this form.
Additional verification may be required.

Housing Form

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