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*Education majors should also see the Teacher Education department page for additional information about all secondary education degree programs including additional application process and student teaching requirements. 


Program Outcomes



    Upon completion of the departmental course of study, the student will be able to:

    1. enable students to write proficiently, effectively, and creatively for a variety of audiences and purposes.
    2. acquaint students with the history and structure of the English language.
    3. develop creative and critical thinking skills to successfully interpret literary texts.
    4. develop an understanding of different literary techniques, conventions, and methods of analysis while improving critical thinking skills.
    5. perceive literary works as vehicles for inspiration and moral values.
    6. develop skills in interdisciplinary research and inquiry.



    All seniors majoring in English or English Language Arts Education must take the prescribed comprehensive examination prior to their final semester of study. This examination must be passed satisfactorily the first time or the specific area of deficiency must be made up before graduation in consultation with the members of the English faculty.


    Upon completion of the departmental course of study, the student will be able to:

    1. show an understanding of the visual aesthetic of Graphic Design and its role in communication.
    2. demonstrate understanding of the ways Graphic Design supports and is supported by businesses and organizations.
    3. show mastery of computer and technical skills required to complete Graphic Design tasks.
    4. compile and present a professional quality portfolio.

    Upon successful completion of music degree programs, students will be able to demonstrate:

    1. A broad awareness of the historical, cultural, aesthetic, and applied qualities of music as a discipline within the liberal arts.
    2. Integrated knowledge of music theory, music history, and music performance.
    3. Technical skills required for artistic self-expression in a major performance area.
    4. Knowledge of music technology specific to educational and compositional practices.
    5. Pragmatic and pedagogical knowledge and skills integral to service in the field of music.
    6. Independent thinking grounded in a Christian worldview environment of holistic care for each individual.
    7. An understanding of their God-given gift as responsibility and service to the community.
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