Pre-Licensure Nursing Education

Academic Progression

Students are expected to progress through the nursing program as outlined in their specific advising plan and in alignment with their particular admitting class. The following statements identify some policies related to progression in the nursing major. See the Nursing Student Handbook for annually updated academic progression policies.

  1. Regarding prerequisite coursework, student will satisfactorily complete all prerequisite courses prior to enrolling in upper division nursing courses. Prerequisite general education courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C- (70%).
  2. Regarding all nursing coursework, students must demonstrate academic success. Specifically:
    • The Department of Traditional BSN Studies requires a minimum overall grade of C (73%) in all nursing courses.
    • In addition, the Department of Traditional BSN Studies requires the attainment of a minimum grade of C (73%) on the testing portion of the course grade in all nursing courses. The test average is calculated in one of two ways, as described in each course syllabus:
      • as an overall test average, or
      • as a weighted test average.
    • If either the test average OR the final cumulative course grade is below 73%, the lower of those two scores becomes the final grade for the course, and the student fails the course.
    • Students receiving a “Fail” in lab/clinical receives a course grade of F in the associated theory course.
    • If a student withdraws from a nursing course while failing, it counts as a course failure.
  3. No nursing student is permitted to repeat a nursing course more than once in an attempt to achieve a minimum grade of C (73%).
  4. Students who earn two nursing course grades below C (73%), regardless of whether in the same or different courses, will be dismissed from the nursing program. Additionally, if after failing a course, the student has been successful in repeating the failed course, the original failure will continue to count toward the two failures that warrant dismissal from the nursing major.
  5. Requirements for the BSN degree must be completed within four years of the date of the first enrollment in any nursing course.
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