Pre-Licensure Nursing Education

Admission & Requirements

Admission to the Traditional BSN Nursing Program

Any freshman or sophomore student may declare a pre-nursing major; however, the application to the upper division (junior year) nursing major is a separate process. The TBSN Admission and Progression Committee reviews student applications and determines admissions to the program. All general education and Nursing prerequisite requirements must be completed before admission to the nursing major. Conditional acceptance into the nursing major is specified for a program and year. It does not imply acceptance to any class or program of the student’s choosing. Due dates for applying to the nursing program are as follows:

Expedited Admission

The School of Nursing seeks to recruit and admit interested and highly-qualified students to the Department of Traditional BSN Studies at MidAmerica Nazarene University. An eligible applicant::

  • Is an incoming first-time freshman planning on declaring nursing as his/her major;
  • Has a high school GPA of > 3.5 on a 0-4.0 scale (validation of official, complete high school transcript by admissions counselor required);
  • Has an ACT (or correlated SAT) composite score of > 25 prior to matriculation (validation of official ACT/ SAT form by admissions counselor required); and
  • Must attain/maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 during the freshman year.

Students granted expedited admission must submit the following:

  • Expedited application for admission form
  • Expedited admission reply form (sent to them by the department chair)

Expedited admission is rescinded if a student fails to satisfactorily complete prerequisite coursework. The complete expedited admission policy can be obtained from an admissions counselor or the nursing admission coordinator in the School of Nursing office.

Traditional Program

Due dates for nursing applications to the Traditional Program are:

October 1: for applicants seeking priority admission to the class with entry point in the fall of the following calendar year. Students eligible for priority admission will meet the following criteria:

  • A GPA of > 3.5
  • An adjusted individual total score > 75% on the most current ATI TEAS

February 1: for applicants seeking admission to the class with entry point in the fall of the current calendar year.

May 1: For applicants seeking late admission to the class beginning in the fall of the current calendar year. These applications are considered only on a space-available basis.

Eligibility Requirements - Traditional Nursing Program

Applicants are responsible for meeting the following admission eligibility requirements. Admission to MNU is assumed. See the Nursing Student Handbook for annually updated eligibility criteria.

  1. Submit formal application to the Department of Traditional BSN Studies.
  2. Submit two references to the Department of Traditional BSN Studies from qualified persons on official forms:
    • one from a college/university professor in a non-nursing prerequisite course
    • one from a previous or current employer or supervisor
  3. References from other sources are not accepted.
  4. Confirm that official transcripts from all institutions previously attended have been received by the MNU Registrar’s Office. Transcripts must document satisfactory progression in courses prerequisite to the nursing major: a minimum grade of C (73%) in General Education courses.
  5. Attain a minimum grade point average of 2.60 on a 0 - 4.0 scale in the cumulative GPA or a GPA calculated on the courses prerequisite to the nursing major.
  6. Display attributes described in the “Table of Functional Abilities for Professional Nursing Practice” available on the MNU nursing website or by request from the SONHS Nursing Admission Coordinator.
  7. Complete the current Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS) prior to departmental application deadline. A minimum Academic Preparedness level of ‘Proficient’ must be achieved for an application to be considered. Applicants who have taken the ATI TEAS at another institution may contact the ATI company and request that a copy of their scores be made available to MNU’s School of Nursing and Health Science. Hard copies of students’ previous ATI TEAS results will not be accepted.
    • English Language Requirements: All applicants to the MNU nursing major whose native language is not English must demonstrate an established level of English language proficiency through the TOEFL iBT exam.

Transfer students are considered on a space-available basis and must meet the same admission criteria as current MNU students.

All applicants are provided written notification of the TBSN Nursing Admission and Progression Committee’s decision as soon as possible after the admission committee meeting.

English Language Requirements

The Pre-Licensure nursing programs require that all applicants, whether domestic or international, who are not native speakers of English, meet the minimum English proficiency requirement to be considered for admission. Therefore, all applicants for study in the pre-licensure nursing programs whose native language is not English must demonstrate an established level of English language proficiency.

  • Official transcript showing the applicant graduated with a baccalaureate degree (or higher) earned in residence from an accredited English-medium U.S. college or university or a college or university in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, English-speaking province of Canada, or an English-speaking Caribbean country, with instruction conducted in English. Degrees earned online may not be used to verify English proficiency.
  • Receipt of an official copy (not student's copy) of an applicant's English proficiency standardized test scores (e.g. TOEFL) achieved not more than two years prior to the semester of first enrollment.
  • A personal and/or phone interview may be conducted.

TOEFL-iBT and IELTS Requirements

Below are the minimum scores required on the TOEFL-iBT and IELTS exams to satisfy the minimum English proficiency requirement for admission.

    • 21 minimum on the Reading, Listening, Writing subscores
    • 26 minimum on the Speaking subscore
    • 7 minimum on all subscores, with the exception of Speaking
    • 8 minimum on the Speaking subscore

When submitting test scores to MNU, please submit only original scores sent directly from the testing agency. Photocopies will not be accepted. For testing purposes, MNU’s school code number for the TOEFL-iBT is 6437.


Wendt, A. & Woo, A. (2009). A minimum English proficiency standard for the test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Test (TOEFL® iBT). NCLEXt® Psychometric Research Brief.

Other requirements for beginning upper division nursing courses include

  1. Health and hospitalization insurance coverage or waiver;
  2. Documentation of immunization records;
  3. Current BLS CPR certification from the American Heart Association;
  4. Demonstrated compliance with selected clinical requirements (approximate fee of $200). Students must successfully pass an extensive criminal background check and drug screening. If students are noncompliant with these and similar additional clinical requirements, they are unable to participate in clinical learning experiences and therefore fail nursing coursework.

Students conditionally accepted into the nursing major will be allowed to begin their nursing courses provided:

  1. they meet all the above-stated admission criteria and requirements;
  2. their grade point average is at or above a 2.6; and
  3. all prerequisite courses (or their equivalent) listed below are completed with a grade of C- or better.
    • Spiritual Development
      • BLIT 1004  Discovering the Bible
      • THEO 2003  Christian Beliefs
      • NURS 3813 Biblical Perspectives (for those transferring with > 56 hours)
    • Self-Understanding
      • FRST 1101  Freshman Seminar (required for students < 24 college credits)
      • PSYC 2513  Lifespan Development (Human Development - Transfers)
      • Any Psychology Course (3 hrs)
        • PSYC 1103 General Psychology
        • PSYC 3803 Abnormal Psychology
    • Critical Thinking
      • MATH 1223 College Algebra/proficiency or higher level math
      • MATH 3503 Probability and Statistics
    • Effective Communication
      • ENGL 1503  Composition I: Writing and Rhetoric
      • ENGL 1703  Composition II: Writing and Research
      • COMM 1303 Public Speaking
    • Social Responsibility
      Any Sociology, Cultural, Criminal Justice, History, Anthropology, or Economics course (6 hrs)
      • SOCI 1003  General Sociology
      • SOCI 2103  Cultural & Social Anthropology
      • SOCI 2303  Understanding Multicultural Behavior
      • SOCI 3603  Intercultural Communication
      • SOCI 2003  Marriage and Family
      • CRIM 1003 Survey of Criminal Justice
      • ECON 1503 Personal Finance
      • ECON 2503 Principles of Macroeconomics
      • ECON 2703 Principles of Microeconomics
    • Scientific Literacy
      • BIOL 1704  Human Anatomy
      • BIOL 1803 Human Physiology
      • GNSC 3703  Human Nutrition
      • + 7 hours of additional sciences
        • CHEM 1004 Introduction to Chemistry (& lab)
        • BIOL 2004 Microbiology for the Health Sciences
        • GNSC 3003 Human Genetics 

Students who do not meet these requirements by the stated time will forfeit their position in the designated class to which they have been admitted. Admission into one nursing class does not confer extended admission into future nursing classes.

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