PHYSICS is the science of energy, matter, motion and force.

About the Program

The MNU physics program prepares students for a life of service, learning, and responsible living. You’ll take challenging courses in genetics, cell biology, ecology, anatomy & physiology, botany and zoology supported by plenty of hands-on experience in the laboratory.


Interested in research publication? You’ll learn what it takes to develop professional publication standards and what the profession demands in published research. Several current and past biology majors have even submitted original research for publication!

Through mentorship and course work, the biology faculty help students develop an understanding and appreciation of the strengths and limitation of scientific thought. You’ll also be exposed to multimedia in your courses and assignments so that you’re prepared to make professional scientific presentations.


We offer two types of physics degrees to choose from, giving you greater flexibility in preparing for a career in science.

  • Bachelor of Arts
    Our Bachelor of Arts in Physics is designed for students who want a broad, interdisciplinary experience. The advantage of a BA is the opportunity to double major. A Physics/Mathematics dual major would an excellent choice for pre-engineering students.
  • Bachelor of Science
    Our Bachelor of Science in Physics is designed for students who plan to attend graduate schools as a step in developing their physics career.

your future


Touching many areas of physics, you could become a(n):

  • Physics Teacher
  • Astronomer
  • Hydrologist
  • Physicist
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Research Analyst

Research Opportunity

Physics students have the opportunity to conduct paid undergraduate research working on Dr. Overholt's NASA Astrobiology grant. This research studies the effects terrestrial impact of nearby supernovae, in an attempt to determine what happens to life on Earth when a star explodes near us.

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our people are the difference

Our expert professors have a passion for physics and care deeply about the learning and personal development of each and every physics major. You will be mentored here.

You Can Succeed Here

Pioneer alumni are working in industries and cities around the world. During their time at MNU, they developed the skills and knowledge to succeed. Transformed by Christ to serve others – that’s real success.