SOCIOLOGY is the ‘science of society’— the scientific study of human society and its development, organizations, institutions, and group relations.

About the Program

Studying sociology at MNU is rooted in a faith perspective—a desire to apply knowledge to care for the poor, comfort those in need and seek to improve society. We study the behavioral sciences area through the lens of our Christian faith.

Although these areas are sometimes seen as contrasting, we see them as inseparable—a pursuit of truth without both of these perspectives is a limited one. We value educational pursuits within a Christian context.


We cover all aspects of sociology—from Marriage and Family, to Anthropology and Social Theory. You will:

  • Participate in social simulations
  • Practice skills for community advocacy
  • Go outside the classroom to observe alternative religious practices.

Society itself becomes your classroom.

  • Sociology majors from the graduating class of 2013 achieved a 93 percentile rank on the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Major Field Test, placing MNU in the top 7% of universities nation-wide who take this exam.
  • Since 2007, MNU Sociology majors have climbed from a median percentile rank of 58 to a median of 81, putting our program consistently among the top 20% of universities who use this test.
  • Students have the opportunity to attend the Association of Nazarene Sociologists and Researchers (ANSR) conference, an academic sociology conference held annually on the MNU campus. Students get the opportunity to network with sociology of religion researchers and professors from all over the country. Past guest speakers include:

Your future


Sociology majors often choose careers working with people, or improving community structures. With this major, you could become a(n):

  • Non-Profit Caseworker
  • Correctional Officer
  • Social Worker
  • Social Justice Advocate
  • Urban & Community Planner
  • Personnel Manager
  • Adoption Service Administrator

Employers & Internships

Some of our recent sociology grads have landed jobs at:

  • Exodus Cry
  • TLC for Children and Families
  • American Adoptions
  • National Council of La Raza

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Our People are the Difference

Our professors have a passion for education and the MNU community. Sociology is fun! We observe people much in the same way that some comedians do—human behavior is interesting, and fun to observe. Not that we don’t take it seriously; there are powerful implications to sociological content—but it helps that we can enjoy our study along the way.

You Can Succeed Here

Pioneer alumni are working in industries and cities around the world. During their time at MNU, they developed the skills and knowledge to succeed. Transformed by Christ to serve others – that’s real success.