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New Class ScheduleExperiential, Relational, Integrative, Transformational

Developed specifically for Traditional Undergraduate Students, MNU launched a new schedule in 2020. Semester-long courses are now held on Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday for 75 minutes each. 

And Wednesdays are WIRED…Wednesday Integrative Relational Experiential Day.

This gives you more time for learning outside the typical classroom. This schedule makes space for you to gain more professional experience from internships, practica, job shadowing or doing research with faculty. It’s time when you can collaborate across subject areas, see real-world application of theory, and grow in your discipline.

What will you do on Wednesdays?

Activities, field trips, internships, special speakers, luncheons, labs, seminars, real life. Departments across campus will offer events and activities on Wednesdays.  Some are required. Many are optional. 

Whether you’re set on your major or not, Wednesday options let you try out another field of study or dive deeper into your own major.

How does it work?
Students at the Cheese Lab

Cheese Lab – Students made their own cheese, tested different varieties, discussed the chemical process and the differences that lead to specific cheeses.

At the beginning of your semester, you will receive your WIRED schedule which includes required and optional Wednesdays. 

Your courses will be held on Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday for 75 minutes each. Class seat time is the same as always. 

What’s in it for me?

Longer class periods provide time for more dynamic teaching and learning experiences—and in that space—faculty can bring the content alive. 

WIRED Wednesdays are opportunities to practice theory learned in class in ways that enrich learning through engaging, real-world experiences. 

Have more questions?

Contact Dr. Nancy Damron, vice president for academic affairs, at nldamron@mnu.edu.

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