Student Life

KC Urban Youth Center 2011-2012

  • Number of Hours Volunteered: 2,275.00 hours
  • Amount Raised by the MNU Community: $8,450.37

The Kansas City Urban Youth Center serves urban students and their families through after-school programs and mentoring. The partnership included financial assistance through staff compensation, site renovation, purchasing playground equipment and program supplies, but also enabled the MNU community to interact face-to-face with the children at the center. Our partnership had a goal of donating 2,500 volunteer hours, while exploring other avenues for serving our neighbors in the city.

Additional KCUYC Stats

Number of Tutors: 35
Number of Tutor Sessions: 26 weeks (13 weeks per semester)
Hours per Session: 2.5 hours
Total number of hours MNU students Volunteered: 65 hours x 35 tutors =2,275.00 hours (1,137.50 per semester)
Rate of Volunteer Time: Fall Semester-$21.79; Spring Semester- $22.14 per hour
Value* of Volunteer Time per Hour: $49,970.37 
         (Fall Semester: 1,137.50 hours x $21.79 = $24,786.12; Spring Semester: 1,137.50 hours x $22.14 = $25,184.25; $24,786.12 + $25,184.25 = $49,970.37)

*The value of volunteer time is calculated through Independent Sector.

Project Details


Rosedale Ridge Space: Space at Rosedale Ridge is very limited. While 32 students are enrolled, many more could be. Three hundred students, ages 0 – 18, live in the apartment complex. Each week students are turned away and added to a waiting list because there is not sufficient room for them in program. While parents are very patient, and the population is transient, the youth center could more positively and effectively serve the youth of Rosedale Ridge if we had updated and expanded spaces. We would like to raise $25,000 to add an additional building to the management office or to establish a portable classroom on property.

Transportation: Currently, 30 students are enrolled in the KC Urban Youth Center program at Rosedale Ridge. Unfortunately, there is limited transportation to take students on field trips or to the fitness center. The acquisition of two vans would make it possible for our whole group to attend field trips, and would provide steady transportation to Rosedale Development Association, Rainbow Mennonite Church, and Whitmore Park where students regularly go for Zumba and Fitness. Those vans would also be used at the Troost and East Hills Village locations for similar purposes, and would be greatly beneficial to positive programming for students.

Youth Development Staff: In order to facilitate quality program at RR, we would like to raise $5,400 to support an additional staff member at the KCUYC.

Playground Equipment: Rosedale Ridge is a low-income housing complex with very insufficient playground equipment. The swings are missing and the metal material is often too hot and unsafe for children. Though Whitmore Park is located within walking distance to Rosedale Ridge, it is located at the bottom of a steep hill, and a child would have to cross three heavily trafficked streets before reaching the park.


Current Passion to Serve Project
Hope Center KC

Hope Center KC Project

During the 2018-19 school year, our students, faculty and staff are supporting Hope Center KC, a non profit dedicated to providing asset-based programs and opportunities for sustainable growth and development where children, youth and families can flourish on Kansas City's east side. We intend to:

  • Volunteer 500+ hours at Hope Center
  • Raise $10,000 for summer camp scholarships


  • You can help fund our project by supporting this year’s Passion to Serve project.
  • You can help fund a team traveling through our Go Global program.
  • You can also fund a specific student traveling as part of our Go Global program. These payments are a personal benefit to the student so they are not tax-deductible

Completed Passion to Serve Projects

LQVE Haiti Project

During the 2016-18 school years, our students, faculty and staff supported a new project in the rural Cascade Pichon region of Haiti. We are raising funds to:

  • Build a Health Clinic in the community of Bel-Air.
Urban Youth Project Voluteers

KC Urban Youth Project

In addition to regularly ministering to the children helped by the Kansas City Urban Youth Ministry, MNU students decided to make a financial difference in these children’s lives. Students worked to raise more than $8,300 during the 2011-2012 academic year. The money went to upgrade the Rosedale Ridge apartment complex, provide playground equipment, and purchase a van.

Kenya Project

Kenya Orphan Care Project

Proving that one person, one student, can make a difference, MNU students raised $35,000 during the 2010-2011 academic year for the Siaya, Kenya Orphanage. When MNU student, Jeb Flynn, spent a summer in Kenya, he proposed the university develop a plan to help. The money raised helped purchase land for housing, build sustainable gardens and provide ongoing mentorship for the children.

Guatemala Project

The Guatemala Project

In 2009-2010 the idea was that posed that ‘if’ 1,000 faculty, staff and students each donated $25 per semester—less than $2 per week—what could they do for the world? As a community, MNU raised more than $50,000 that year. Partnering with Rotary International, Heart to Heart International and Engineers Without Borders KC, the village of Patanatic, Guatemala received a new health clinic.

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