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Certificate in Business Data Analytics

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Certificate in Business Data Analytics (12 Hrs.)

This course is an introduction to data mining fundamentals and algorithms. Students will develop an appreciation for data preparation and transformation, an understanding of the data requirements for the various algorithms and learn when it is appropriate to use which algorithm. This is a project-based course where students take their business problem through a data mining methodology. Specific topics may include Distance/Similarity Measurement, Anomaly Detection, and Association, Classification, Clustering, and Pattern Algorithms. Prerequisite: MGMT 6603 Business Analytics for Decision Making, and INSY 6103 IT Fundamentals or permission of CIS Program Director

The course will introduce the core concepts of machine learning, with an emphasis on the computational, statistical and mathematical foundations of the field. We will study models for both supervised learning and unsupervised learning, introducing these models alongside foundational machine learning concepts, such as maximum likelihood estimation, regularization, information theory, and gradient-based optimization. The course concludes with a brief introduction to neural networks and deep learning.

Prerequisite: MGMT 6603 Business Analytics for Decision Making, and INSY 6103 IT Fundamentals or permission of CIS Program Director

Study of database management concepts and techniques. Emphasis on data modeling using relational data models. Discussion and application of SQL to develop and query databases. Additional topics include database administration on common database platforms such as Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. Remote data access and management using client-server, distributed, and Internet-hosted databases.

Prerequisite: INSY 6103 Information Technology Fundamentals or permission of CIS Program Director

In this course students will learn about data collection and analysis techniques and acquire knowledge of statistical methods appropriate for the analysis of organizational data. The concepts learned in this course should help students to identify opportunities in which business analytics can be used to improve individual, team, and organizational performance and support important decisions. Business analytics is an integral part of modern management, and this course uses applied projects to equip them with the foundation needed to understand and apply these methods to drive value.