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MidAmerica Nazarene University
2030 East College Way
Olathe, KS 66062-1899


EMPOWER is an academic leadership certificate program through the WE LEAD initiative.

As a part of this leadership certificate program you will participate in a series of activities specifically designed for leadership development, with the goal of cultivating a holistic perspective on womanhood, and encouraging you to reach your own unique leadership potential.

Two Paths

You may choose one of two paths for the leadership certificate program.

Certificate Path

Participant Path

  • Participate in orientation session and apply to the program.
  • Participate each semester in focused WE LEAD development activity.
    Activities could include training and development sessions featuring content such as, Strengths Finder training, conflict resolution, body image, health & nutrition.
  • Participate in National Society of Leadership and Success activities.
  • Annual events: Launch, retreats and celebrations.
  • Participant Path is NOT reflected on your official transcript.

No matter the path you choose, the EMPOWER leadership certificate focuses on the whole person encompassing your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength:

Heart – The heart component is strengthened by developing healthy relationships. We honor ourselves as we honor our families, friends, and community. By building your community and connecting with role models or mentors we touch your heart.

Soul – Regardless of your personal religious beliefs, there is widespread acknowledgement of the human soul, the very center of our being. In developing the soul, we tap into your deeply felt moral and emotional nature. We nurture the soul component of your life, bringing strength and a sense of intrinsic worth.

Mind – The development of an excellent professional and technical skill set is the foundation for strong professional performance. Teaching you new skills, helping you gain new awareness and insights, and building your confidence develops your mind beyond just professional excellence helping in all areas of life.

Strength – There is a correlation between physical strength and emotional and mental strength. When women take care of themselves through fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyles, they are better able to deal with every other area of their lives. Prioritizing self-care builds your strength.

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