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Alum Says Community Makes the Difference

Andrew Ballew, Psychology ’06, describes his job as continually changing and unpredictable from day to day, “one day I could be ducking under the thrown toys of a 6 year old in the morning and in the afternoon helping a teenager and parent effectively communicate for the first time in years.”

A Postdoctoral Psychology Fellow in the Neurodevelopmental Disorders Diagnostic Clinic at Canvas Health, Ballew works with children and adolescents to help clarify a variety of diagnoses from developmental disorders to mental health issues. He also helps develop recommendations for each individual client.

“I feel like have reached success when I sense that a ‘light bulb’ has turned on with my clients and when they, or their parents, feel like I was able to identify their needs in an understandable manner and set them on a path of growth,” says Ballew.

Ballew contributes much of his success to the ability to work with others, “MNU was where I was first confronted with the need to be supported by others when faced with challenges. I found that my peers and professors taught me the importance of a community that could be both challenging and supportive.”

Immediately after graduating MNU, Ballew was accepted to the graduate program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology to obtain a Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology. He has moved from Kansas City, to Chicago, to New Hampshire (for an internship) before getting his first job at Canvas Health in Minnesota.

Fun Facts:


--Loves basketball

--Just had a baby boy, Quinn Manu, because “MNU” would have just been weird…ok just kidding, it’s really after an NBA player, see fact above... (But we still like the coincidence)

--Has attended monster truck rallies, comic book conventions, reggae festivals and other events of “the not-so-typical subcultures” as an amateur immersive sociologist





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