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Alum Selected for Top Graduate Program

During an MNU graduation ceremony, a young man stepped on stage and took his oath of office into the US Marine Corps. The audience was moved—expressing so in a standing ovation. But a 15-year-old boy was moved to something more.

Sam Smith, nursing major, was in the audience that day. It was in that moment of standing applause Smith knew he wanted to follow in the young lieutenant’s footsteps. Smith enrolled at MNU and joined the football team, all while being an active ROTC member. 

While Smith’s initial aspirations were of leading on the front lines, God’s plans were different. After joining the Army National Guard to help pay his way through school, Smith discovered that he was color blind. Faced with the choice of becoming a clerk or a combat medic, Smith chose the latter—discovering his passion for medicine during basic training. “I applied for the nursing program at MNU and never looked back,” he recalls.

Smith currently works as a nurse at San Antonio Military Medical Center which has doubled in size since his arrival. He’s assisted in opening a new unit and was one of only six nurses selected to apply for the White House Nurse position. Smith recently became one of only five Army nurses selected to attend the US Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing—the #1 program in the United States.


  • Selected for the Fort Sam Houston All-Army Combative Team in his first year.
  • Participated in Residence Hall Government at MNU (and met his future wife Amy Sturdefant (’06) as a part of this group).
  • Has two sons, Lincoln 4, and Creighton 2, and a dog named Nala.
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