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MNU Earns $10 Million Federal Grant

MNU Earns $10 Million Federal Grant

“Once again God has provided yet another example of His ability to do more than we can even ask or imagine. We are grateful for this most recent miracle, the affirmation of God's provision and the faith of those who believed that through Jesus Christ, the impossible is still possible.”  

—President David Spittal


It takes persistence, organization, years of documentation and a focused vision to write a grant application for any significant amount of funding. For MNU’s recent $10 million award it took several tries, the combined effort of more than 50 individuals, and most importantly, God’s timing. 

In November, MNU received the first installment of the five-year Title III Department of Education Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP) grant. Grant funds will go to strengthen and create programs and services that increase academic rigor, recruitment and retention at MNU. Among the items and areas funded are network infrastructure, career services and faculty development.

Plans include the creation of a Center for Academic and Professional Success to be developed over the next five years. Components of the Center include the following:  

Comprehensive Career Services including a counseling and health-wellness component

Enhanced Academic Support Services to improve opportunities for student achievement and success

An enriched Professional Development Program for faculty and staff

Expanded technology with major improvements on campus including the replacement of the network infrastructure, computer hardware and the addition of instructional technology for students and faculty

An opportunity for an endowment match of up to $1.5 million

Grant project co-director Dr. Linda Alexander ('84) says this grant will “revolutionize” the way MNU fulfills its mission.  

“It will catapult us into the future,” Alexander says. “It will allow us to dream God-sized dreams and fulfill them as God leads us into the future.”


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