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MNU Professional Certificates Provide Quick Update to Skills

MNU’s Graduate Studies in Management is providing more ways for you to be competitive in the job market in just 16 weeks. The new Professional Certificate Program offers graduate-level instruction in specialty areas.

“The job market is tight and often a certificate can provide an edge when searching for work,” says Kevin Mokhtarian, Graduate Studies recruiter. “It can also be valuable to people ‘re-tooling’ their careers - moving from one career or industry to another.”

Certificates are offered in Leadership, Healthcare Administration, Finance, Not-for-Profit Administration, and International Marketing and Business. Each subject has several options for specific tracks. The certificates consist of four 8-week courses – two online and two in class – and can be taken for academic credit or non-credit. According to Mokhtarian, the academic side of the program is unique.

“Most programs simply result in a certificate without the academic rigor,” Mokhtarian adds. “But students who select our certificate program may apply the credits toward one of our business master’s degrees in the future.”

Students who wish to apply their certificate credit toward an MA or MBA may do so as long as they enroll in one of the degree programs within two years. The certificate will count as 12 hours toward the degree, leaving only the core curriculum to complete. The program is also open to those who already have advanced degrees and want specialized training.

According to Mokhtarian, MNU’s certificate program is designed to provide valuable skills in a relatively short time. Earning credits from a regionally accredited university can also provide a competitive edge in the workplace, he says.

“Our key focus is options with multiple channels for students to earn the credentials they need to get ahead in the marketplace,” says Mokhtarian.  “For some this means a core MBA.  For others it will be the MA degree plus a specialized track.  And others will choose to acquire the specific skills associated with a certificate.”

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