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Success Means Doing One's Best

As a third grader, Stephen Hunting, considered a career as a lawyer.  But it took a year of seminary after graduating from MNU as a religion major, to realize law school was where God was leading him after all. Now he is the County Attorney for Franklin County, Kansas where he is responsible for the prosecution of criminal, traffic and juvenile matters within the jurisdiction. Trying cases before either the court or the jury, he has even argued matters before the Kansas Court of Appeals and the Kansas Supreme Court.

Hunting’s public service work matches the significance of servant leadership found at MNU.

“The emphasis on serving others that MNU stressed is one of the major things that has stayed with me after all these years,” says Hunting.

Earlier this year, Hunting was in Washington DC for official business, “and as I was standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial I reflected on how the journey to that moment started, over 20 years ago, when I was a freshman at MNU.  I’m thankful for the education I received there, and that it made law school and a career in public service possible,” he says.

And while Hunting admits that he enjoys winning cases, he says he feels the most successful when he finishes a case knowing that he fought hard, fair and for justice.  Win or lose.


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