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Youth No Limit To Great Career

Caitlin Wienck, Graphic Design Major, ’14, has a competitive resume.  Less than six months past graduation, it includes working for not one, but two NFL teams. First as an intern for the KC Chiefs and now as Creative Service Manager for the Oakland Raiders. But Wienck’s path to success, started right here, at MNU.

“MNU really provided me the opportunity to become a jack of all trades. I knew I was capable of great things because I had been a part of great things there,” says Wienck while designing stickers for the double decker buses the team needed for a trip to London.  

But multitasking is nothing for this 22 year old. Yes, 22.  And “by far” the youngest candidate for her position according to the Raider’s interviewer.  Her path to hire included two interviews and a huge mock up marketing campaign—HUGE, the instructions alone were more than five pages long.  She  managed a full class load, full-time internship with the KC Chiefs and a 40-page marketing research paper.

“A week after the final phone call, they (the Raiders) called and told me the job was waiting for me,” recalls Wienck. “It was a complete whirlwind.  Unbelievable for sure.”

Wienck’s team includes her boss and the creative department’s intern, and she also works closely with the marketing department. The job is relaxed and fun.  Being new to Oakland, her boss has sent her on several excursions for lunch, coffee and ice-cream sandwiches just to get to know the area! Her design work includes passes for VIPs, signage for events, logos, even all of the training camp graphics. To see her work you can watch the Raiders games on your phone.  She’s behind every social media graphic from pre-game to post-game, so keep your eye out!


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