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Leadership & Management
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Leadership and Management focuses on leading people and making positive change within a business or organization.
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At MNU, the ideas of valuing people and working together fit perfectly with our call to love and serve others. All organizations function with a variety of people and personalities, so it takes strong people skills and leadership to successfully steer organizations. As a Leadership and Management major you’ll hone these skills choosing a focus in a particular area such as business, communication, Christian education, ministry, or intercultural studies.

You will receive a broad education covering the major functional areas of business. The Leadership and Management major will help you prepare for a career in business by providing knowledge, skills, and experience desired by all types of employers. This degree will also prepare you for graduate study in management, law, or other business specialties. You will gain a strong understanding of leadership through courses in:

  • Strategy
  • Business law
  • Management
  • Marketing

So, what’s required to be successful in Leadership and Management? A willingness to work with and lead people to accomplish organizational goals. Real-world experience helps. That’s where our internship placements come in. And you’ll have a chance to join our chapter of The National Society of Leadership Success for great networking opportunities.

Potential Careers
  • Nonprofit Administrator
  • Entry-level Manager
  • Public Service Provider
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Human Resource Specialist
Sample Schedule
Career Earnings

All career earnings data displayed on this page was gathered from Glassdoor, a worldwide leader on insights about jobs and companies. This information is intended to provide a reference only. MidAmerica Nazarene University can not guarantee, nor are they responsible for, data accuracy as it is being collected from a third party.

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Nonprofit Administrator
Entry-level manager
Marketing Coordinator
Human Resource Specialist

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Wired Wednesday

Developed specifically for Traditional Undergraduate Students, MNU launched a new schedule in 2020. Semester-long courses are now held on Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday for 75 minutes each.

Business Administration continues to be a highly sought out degree by students and employers alike. It provides an excellent and thorough foundation in skills necessary for success in today’s business world. These degrees will also prepare students for graduate study in management, law or other business specialties.
Yorton Clark
Dean, School of Professional and Graduate Studies Chair, Professional and Graduate Studies in Business Professor
For some, college can be just about gaining knowledge so one can get the best job and make the most money possible after graduation. We’ve changed that at MNU. ‘Passion to Serve’ is not just one of our tag lines. We’re about learning so that we can serve others.
Dean, School of Professional and Graduate Studies; Chair, Professional and Graduate Studies in Business; Professor

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As an MNU student, you’ll encounter not only academic growth and career preparation but you’ll also transform through spiritual growth and time spent in service and mission. We think that’s a
recipe for success in today’s global world.