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iPad FAQ

The iPad Pro provided to students is the latest model from Apple and includes a keyboard and digital pen. If students graduate from MNU, they can keep the equipment for a significantly reduced fee which is prorated based on the length of their enrollment.

New students in English, Music, Theatre, Graphic Design, Kinesiology, Biology, Chem, Physical Education, Math, Physics, Math Education, and Computer Science majors will be provided a new iPads to increase their learning experience.

The cost of the iPad is paid over 8 semesters of attending MNU.  When you graduate, you get to keep the iPad! If you transfer to MNU, you will pay a similar fee each semester.  Because you haven’t been at MNU for 8 semesters, you may have to pay a pro-rated cost at graduation to keep the iPad.

If you have an iPad with the right specs, you may be eligible to opt out but you’ll still need to link your iPad to our system so we can push apps out to your iPad.  Without this, you won’t be able to fully participate in class.  Think of this like a textbook purchase.  If you purchase the 5th edition of a textbook when the class is using the 8th edition, you will fall behind.  We need the iPad to be current and high functioning to run the apps we’ll use in class. 

You have the option to pay the balance of the iPad and take it with you or return the iPad to the department.

Our support services will help assess the problem and determine how to fix the iPad.  In the meantime, you may be given a loaner iPad to use so you don’t fall behind in class.  If the break isn’t covered by warranty, you’ll need to pay $100 to cover damages.  You will receive instructions when we give you the iPad.

Lost iPads are the responsibility of the student to replace.  If it is stolen, you’ll need to file a police report.  We will help you get a replacement.  MNU has the ability to turn off any stolen iPad, rendering it useless.  You will receive instructions when we give you the iPad.

Absolutely!  We have student techs in the library ready to help.  Stop by Mabee Learning Commons for more information.

Congratulations!  We check to make sure your account is paid, and you completed all your degree requirements.  Once this is done, the iPad is yours to keep. Remember, transfer students can return the device or may have a fee to pay in order to keep the device. 

You receive a charging block and cord, Apple keyboard case, and Apple Pencil with your iPad.  We encourage you to purchase a “slip-cover” case that has room for the Apple keyboard case to remain attached to the iPad.  It will help prevent damage to the iPad or accessories.

We will put the apps for class on the iPad.  If you want to add apps, you can do so but will need to pay for this directly.  

All students have the options to pick the textbook format best suited to them.  If a book used in class is available in an e-format, you can purchase it and have it on your iPad.  If you prefer, you can purchase a hard copy of the book.  

Yes! While we are providing these devices to enhance learning, instruction, and student engagement, we encourage you to also use them for personal use…just not during class!