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Passion to Serve Project: LQVE Haiti

“I am definitely coming back to Haiti. I want to do Missions in my life.” —Quincy Foster, January 2013

> Financial Goal: $50,000

Quincy-Haiti-SoccerThese are the words MNU student Quincy Foster wrote in her journal on her last day in Haiti, January of 2013. Q, as her friends called her, went there to express love to Haiti.  While there she fell in love with Haiti. The children and people of Cascade Pichon and the surrounding communities affected her greatly. This love motivated her to go back in 2014, but a snowstorm stranded her team in New York City for 5 days. Then on New Years Day of 2015 before Quincy had the opportunity to realize her goal of getting back to Haiti, she unexpectedly took a different kind of trip. The trip started with a car accident in an ice storm, but ended with her in the loving arms of Jesus, in heaven. Meanwhile, Q’s journal entry is coming true.  Not in the way anyone anticipated, but she is going back to Haiti. The love she had for the people of Haiti and for Jesus will be with us, in our hearts. It’s an extraordinary love. In fact, in honor of Quincy—Q—it could now be spelled LQVE.   

MNU is pleased to continue our partnership with Heart to Heart International (HHI) for our LQVE Passion to Serve Project for the 2015-2016 academic year. Heart to Heart’s goal in Haiti is to move communities from survivability to sustainability.

We plan to send four service project teams to Haiti throughout the year. Volunteer support from students, faculty, staff and community members will give HHI unprecedented opportunities to continue their work in the four Communes of Anse-a-Pitres, Thiotte, Grand-Gosier, and Belle-Anse.

The multi-year commitment to this region began in 2013 when nearly $60,000 was raised by the MNU community to fund the first school in Cascade Pichon during the Dégagé Passion to Serve Project.

This year’s LQVE Passion to Serve project will allow us to continue our collaborative efforts with our friends in Haiti to install a soccer field on school grounds. Soccer programs will be developed, camps conducted and tournaments established in the four Communes with the support of our Pioneer Women’s Soccer team. Senior Nursing students will work in clinics in the Southeast region providing basic healthcare to men, women and children.

As the service project evolves, we will continue to update you on the progress. Thank you for joining us in these efforts and for being part of the beautiful, restorative work God has invited us to join Him in.

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