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Continuing Education for Teacher Licensure

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MidAmerica Nazarene University Continuing Education cultivates many mutually beneficial relationships with businesses that share an interest in the University’s mission and values, and desire to provide our educators with relevant and practical continuing education courses.


Professional Learning opportunities by Compass PD are designed to support and empower the delivery of high-quality teaching and learning. Compass PD offers a variety of professional learning sessions and consulting services in different formats (face-to-face, online, and blended) to meet the unique needs of your faculty and staff.

COMPASS PD website link:


CTO offers courses with current topics in continuing education. Their courses are available online, self-paced with completion between 2-6 weeks and each course is 3 graduate credits. website link:

Designed for the modern educator of the 21st century, Collaborate with teachers across the country, all courses are user and practitioner friendly, no specific class meeting times and you may log on at your own time and schedule.

Courses with Russ website link:

Our approach to professional learning sets us apart. We start by planning with the end in mind. By aligning our training approach to our customers’ objectives, we focus our energy in all the right places. Our customers’ short- and long term goals are the key focus points in any session. Whether we work with classroom teachers, specialists, school leaders, or support staff, we engage with participants and move the learning forward with thoughtful pacing and delivery. Using adult professional learning practices, our team customizes, localizes, and personalizes the experience to ensure maximum impact for all attendees. Tools and practices covered during the session can be adopted immediately, leaving no educator behind as we move learning into the modern age through digital transformation. Key pedagogies are woven throughout our sessions and presented through Microsoft Education tools.

i2e website link:


The Institute for Healthy Singing and Voice Research provides science-based music education courses grounded in healthy voice use and human-compatible learning experiences. Offering various professional development opportunities and consulting services, IHS&VR provides asynchronous online and in-person content.

IHS & VR link:

Kansas State School for the Blind website link:

NCCE serves educational institutions across the globe providing professional learning opportunities. NCCE embraces every opportunity to work closely with schools and districts of any size to ensure the delivery of relevant and rigorous professional learning experiences.

NCCE website link:


One Step Ahead’s prime focus is to enhance educational experiences for every student by delivering first-class professional development workshops for all educators. OSA courses are fully online and accessible at your convenience, anytime and anyplace! We have a user friendly format which allows each student to focus solely on course content, making their time most effective.

OSA website link:

SSPD360 courses are asynchronous online and accessible anytime and from anywhere at your convenience.  They offer over 20 one credit book studies and two and three credit courses.  SSPD360 filled their courses with research-backed strategies, tools, and resources to achieve targeted outcomes and build awareness of selected topics. The courses are developed by educators and specialists in their field who have a deep understanding of learning standards and current instructional practices.

SSPD360 Website link:

logo Course Topics include: General Education, Early Childhood, Exceptional Education, Reading, Math and Common Core. Vesi website link: